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Tourisim Attractions

We will constantly be adding links and info as we get it.

When you are visting the Blarney and Cork area in general there are lots of great attractions to visit listed here are some of them.

Our most famous redisdent of course The Blarney Castle phone 021 4385252 ( more info click the link above)

Cobh the Queenstown story (where Titanic called)

Cork City Gaol (Irish word for jail) phone 021 430 5022  ( there is also a fantastic wildlife park in Fota well worth checking out) ( model railway village)












Whether you are coming to Ireland to visit just for a short weekend break or on a budget holiday or even if you are just looking for general Irish Information then there should be something in our links section to suit you.

Remember though to check out our main site if you are interested in family crests gifts,Irish crystal,bronze sculptures

If you would like to link to us you can use the banner below or a simple text link please email to let us know to link back to you.

Thank you

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We have probably got the best selection of Irish and other collectibles in the world.

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A huge range of gifts for special occasions also coming soon.

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We have something suitable for all the family.