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Blarney castle, which lies about four miles to the north-east of Cork City, is one of the most famous buildings in Ireland, Blarney Castle is famous for its stone,while visiting Blarney Castle you may want to kiss the Blarney Stone and get the gift of gab or talk "Blarney" The stone itself is set in the wall below the battlements and to kiss it, to kiss the Blarney Stone, you must bend over backward and lower yourself down about two feet at the top of the castle whilst holding onto a metal railing, but you are assisted by a castle employee who adds some reassurance for nervous visitors not that there is any need to worry.

**One point though the steps to the battlements can be slippery so make sure you wear trainers or non slip shoes when visiting the castle and the grounds are huge so comfortable non slip shoes are definitely recommended.

There are a few different versions of how the stone came to be placed in the battlements of Blarney Castle but the most likely is the fact that it is half of the stone of Scone which resides in Westminister Abbey in England and was brought back from the crusades.It is said to have been given to the King of Munster by Robert the Bruce as a thank you for sending troops to assist him in the battle of Bannockburn. Some time later the stone was then incorporated into the Battlements of the present castle.

It is not known exactly how the belief that the stone could give the gift of eloquence or the "gift of the gab began , but it may have grown from the antics of the Chief of Muskerry or Lord Blarney as he was known in Queen Elizabeth's time. It is said that Queen Elizabeth I came up with the phrase   "talking a load of Blarney"due to frustration with Lord Blarney's ability to talk endlessly for hours upon hours without ever actually saying much and never actually agreeing to her demands.He had constant answers for everything without ever actually making sense. The fact that the Queen couldn't get him to agree to anything meant he was able to string both sides along and stay safe from both the Irish and the English .This caused the Queen rant at him your talk is `All Blarney',but she must have been some bit bemused by him as she tolerated him for quite a long time.

The building of the castle is attributed to Dermot MacCarthy in 1446.The castle is set just south of where the river Martin joins the Blarney river,and the view from the top of the castle is breathtaking the view from the top alone is worth the climb even if you do not have the courage to kiss the stone.The spiral staircases are narrow and steep and were used to protect the occupants because only one soldier at a time could climb up the spiral staircase.Also trying to fight your way upwards on the tight staircase would have been next to impossible what with your armour and heavy sword etc. The narrow windows are typical of castles at this time offering a shooting point for the defenders of the castle to shoot arrows at the enemy below whilst providing excellent protection for the defending soldiers, it would have been extremely hard for an enemy soldier to shoot an arrow through these windows from below. The castle walls themselves are over 18 foot thick in places and offered an impenetrable defence against invaders before the introduction of gunpowder of course which changed the whole nature of battle.The castle was also built at the top of a small cliff face making it even more difficult for invaders.

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The grounds around Blarney Castle are well kept and very beautiful and worth the price of admission by themselves.It is an excellent place for photographs so bring plenty of film.Many Irish couples after getting married go to Blarney Castle to take their wedding photographs so don't be surprised if you see beautiful brides on the grounds.You may also want to take a picnic as the grounds have many beautiful spots to have  a picnic. While walking the grounds, you can see lots of beautiful trees and plants ,a druidic circle made of stones rock close, as well as a picturesque river another good spot to have a picnic.. The Rock Close is said to be a Druid garden and a place where they worshipped and some say sacrificed in pre-christian days.

Blarney Village
The village of Blarney is charming it is one of the last remaining intact estate villages in Ireland complete with it's town square.where many a lazy day is spent now days playing football or having a pint of Guinness. It is literally an extension of the Castle from the old days.

In the eighteenth century a landlord created a village adjacent to his estate for his workers, supplying the basic needs for housing for the workers and their families and creating industry so that they would prosper themselves. Blarney Village was originally an estate village and if you visit you can see this easily by the clever and charming way it is laid out.Todays Blarney Village has many pubs and restaurants that offer excellent atmosphere and great food but add to the character of the village rather than take away from it.

  Opening times of the castle are below and you will find beb and breakfast info for Blarney in our links section

Opening Times Of Blarney Castle

Monday to Saturday:

May: 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

June-July-August: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

September: 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

October - April: 9 a.m. to sundown (or 6 p.m.)


Summer: 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Winter: 9.30 a.m. to sundown

Last Admissions:

30 minutes before closing

Admission Price Aprox  seven euro.

Telephone: 00 353 21 4385252

    Fax: 00 353 21 4381518

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More of the history of Blarney Here Blarney Woollenmills Irish Shop information.

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