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Blarney Woollen Mills

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The old Woollenmills was a huge employer always in Blarney and has been around before the time of the famine,the fact that the mills existed during the famine made sure that Blarney was shielded from the worst effects of the famine as many workers were employed there and could feed their families as a result.The impressive building at Blarney Woolenmills is not completely original as there was a disastrous fire in 1869 which heavily damaged the old mills. The mills was extremely important to the people of Blarney as a source of income and extensive renovations were done to get it back up and running again by 1871.In 1871 the mill employed aprox 222 people which was gigantic at this time and was practically the major source of all the income in Blarney which helped the town thrive into what is now today one of Irelands best know towns. In 1976 the present shop that you see in the old woollenmills building was started when the mill was purchased after again falling into a state of disrepair.  The store of course stocks a huge selection of Irish Gifts and collectibles as well as Irish Crystal and Irish art.And again as before in the past Blarney Woolenmills again employs many local Blarney and Cork People making sure that Blarney Woollenmills again is responsible for helping to ensure the continued growth of Blarney itself. Blarney Woollenmills also has a thriving mail-order business with clients worldwide.

  If you could like to shop for Irish Crystal, Irish Art or Irish Collectibles as well as other fantastic gifts and more please click on the links to the left. The ultimate Irish shopping experience awaits you. And remember of course we do mail order, email us with the details of what you would like to purchase and where you are and we will calculate your total price including postage and email you back.

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