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Check out our brand new family crest or coat of arms tapestries.This is the gift you have been looking for click here please


BlarneyVillage Collection(TM)

Welcome to our 100% Owned Irish Store

We have one of the largest selections of Irish Gifts in the world.

This page gives you a preview of the different sctions on the site below.

Paintings and Prints Section and Wall Decor

Our Painting and prints section contains our stuning Fine Art Prints of various locations around Ireland from circa 1905. These were carefully digitally remastered and repaired by us and they are simply stunning. Available as Fine Art prints, Beautiful Printed Tapestries, Throws as well as Metal Signs . We also have other custom woven tapestries available .

These items Ship Worldwide

Example of Tapestries printed , as well as woven

Irish Collection

The Irish section gives you a whole wide world of choices for that perfect Irish Gift. In this section you will find Guiness(tm) products including Guiness Clothing, barware items, Guiness metal signs , glassware, kitchen ware , Guiness shirts base ball caps confectionary as well as the usual favourites, Irish leprechaun dolls, teddy bears, Irish dancing dolls, Irish rugby shirts, and even Christmas decorations.

Please Note These Items in the Irish Collection are available for shipping in the United States and Canada Only

Music and Books Collection

In this section youll find Irish Bodhrans, Tin Whistles as well as Music Books and cds

Please Note These Items in the Irish Collection are available for shipping in the United States and Canada Only

Jewellery Collection

This jewellery is simply lovely and also a perfect gift for that special someone .

Please Note These Items in the Irish Collection are available for shipping in the United States and Canada Only


Here youll find beautiful religous items suitable as Irish wedding gifts house warming gifts, communion or confirmation gifts as well as baby gifts.

These items Ship Worldwide















In this section you will find many other different sections we have traditional Irish Leprechauns ,Irish porcelain dolls, beautiful Irish and Celtic design bookmarks, Jameson Irish whiskey fudge, Celtic and Irish design clutch pins, novelty Irish money boxes or savings boxes, traditional style rag dolls, teapot stands, collectors thimbles and collectors Irish design spoons.You will also find umbrellas, Irish flags, musical cottages, table coasters, and much more.

You will see a choice of different collections and sections below, simply click on the section you want to browse and you can then see all the different items in that collection. 





The Leprechaun Club™  ,The Official Leprechaun Club™  ,The Official Irish Leprechaun Club™ ,  The Irish Leprechaun Club™ ,The Leprechaun Club Of Ireland™,  The Official Leprechaun Club Of Ireland™,Murphy The Irish Leprechaun™, The Blarney Village Collection™  and Blarney Village™ are all trade marks of Patrick Martin Hayes no unauthorized use allowed. All content is also subject to copyright restrictions.

(C) Martin Hayes 2003 all rights reserved.

In this section you will find beautiful brass Irish bookmarks, we have a variety of designs including the Shamrock design bookmark, the Tara design bookmark, a map of Ireland style bookmark ,a beautiful Harp shaped design ,a Celtic cross design ,a claddagh design bookmark, book of Kells design bookmark and others. These are extremely unusual and would make an ideal gift.

   Please click here for this section

um yum ! In this section you will find ,Irish whiskey fudge ,dairy cream fudge and other yummy gourmet sweets and even the unique rich tasting Irish clipper teabags.If you want to treat your self or some one else then this section is worth a look.

Give Someone A Gift Of Leprechaun Club Membership For St Patricks Day.There Is No Other St Patricks Day Gift More Unique ! (5570 bytes)

Click Here

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We have probably got the best selection of Irish and other collectibles in the world.

A huge range of gifts for special occasions also

sh5969finnegan25.JPG (7360 bytes)

We have something suitable for all the family.

wpe2.jpg (6078 bytes)

Check out our brand new family crest or coat of arms tapestries.This is the gift you have been looking for click here please

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