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Photo Gallery

Here are some of my favourite photos for you to enjoy. With Fairy parades and delicious birthady cakes, also some photos of secret enchanted places in this magical Fairy kingdom of Ireland. Which is one of the most truly beautiful and magical places on earth and home to the fairies. Scroll down the page and see the Fairy houses, these are always fun to look for and rare to find, maybe you too will be able to create beautiful Fairy houses for the Faries in your garden. Click on any picture for a larger view.

Fairy Meadow

Enjoying some events with the children of Cork.

FairymeadowPotrait.JPG (14656 bytes)

Fairy Meadow The Fairy

blarneyparadesimmplyfairy.jpg (13456 bytes)

Fairy Meadow At Blarney St Patricks Day Parade


FairymeadowBlarneyParade.JPG (17453 bytes)

Fairy Meadow With Flower Bubble Basket

Entertaining Chidren In Blarney Cork

Fairy Meadow

BlowingBubbles.jpg (12894 bytes)

     Blowing Fairy Bubbles Cork Summer Show

FairyFriends.JPG (14942 bytes)

Fairy Friends


Birthday Cakes

Fairies love baking and making yummy sweets and treats to eat with all their friends. Some of these are delicious homemade birthday cakes which have created lots of excitement for the party feast. These are all great ideas, and remember whenever you are baking a special cake, remember to stir in lots of Fairy wishes for lots of love, smiles and giggles too.

IceCreamCastleCake.jpg (30153 bytes)

Ice Cream Princess Castle Cake

Loveheartcake.JPG (13021 bytes)

Fairy Love Heart Cake

bunnyrabbitcake.JPG (8588 bytes)

Bunney Rabbit Cake

RacingcarCake.jpg (27079 bytes)

Very Cool Racing Car Cake

FairyCake.jpg (19420 bytes)

Fairy Cake

Carriagecake.jpg (21551 bytes)

Princess Carriage Cake

PrincessBanquet.jpg (26009 bytes)

Fairy Feast,Yummy Cupcakes And Treats,With Amazing Marshmallow Tree

PrincessCastleCake.jpg (21288 bytes)

Stunning Castle Cake

fairypartytable.jpg (32037 bytes)

Fairy Party Food Table, Delicous Selection Of Fairy Treats For A Fairy Feast


Summer Time Parties

An Enchanted Fairy Party is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. In the summer time it is an extra special day when the sun is shining and its a blue skly day.

Summerparty.jpg (31727 bytes)

After Storytelling And Fairy Tales

Summers Day Under A Shaded Tree

FAIRY3sml.JPG (11506 bytes)

SummerParty2.jpg (27044 bytes)

  Fairy Circle With Treasure Chest And Lady Bird


Washing Day At The Fairy Cottage

Here is a glimpse of some of the beautiful Fairy skirts that Fairy Meadow brings to the parties. Fairies love dressing in pretty clothes with flowers, luv hearts, stars and sparkles. There are lots of different skirts to choose from just like all the many kinds of faires that we all know about.

FairyWashingDay.jpg (35483 bytes)

Fairy Wash Day At The Fairy Cottage

pegasus.gif (34357 bytes)

FairyWashingLine.jpg (30382 bytes)

Pretty Fairy Skirts

Enchanted Fairy Forest

Do you believe in Fairies? Here are rare photos of the enchanted forest and some fairy houses in Ireland. Fairies love nature, and there are fewer magicial forests for them to live in. Sometimes girls and boys with their Mums and Dads make lovely Fairy homes for the Fairies in their garden. The Fairies love these, and sometimes visit when they are nearby, and sometimes they may even leave little fairy notes or even fariy dust to show you how much they want to say thank you. 

rainbowenchantedforest.jpg (18986 bytes)End Of The Rainbow, IntoThe Enchanted Forest

EnchantedForestpath.jpg (38879 bytes)

Secret Pathway In The Enchanted Forest

EnchantedBluebells.jpg (40223 bytes)Fairy Bluebells A Secret Place To See  Fairies

FairyLuckyCoinHouse.JPG (36492 bytes)

Fairy Tree House, With Lucky Coins

FairyMirror.JPG (32706 bytes)

Fairies Bedroom

fairy knocking on the door.JPG (16449 bytes)

Visting The Fairies

FairyStoneHouse.JPG (35640 bytes)

Little Stone Fairy House

fairyknocking2.JPG (17341 bytes)

A Cozy Place For A Fairies House

FairyHammockhouse.JPG (42255 bytes)

Fairy Hammock For Afternoon Snooze

fairyKithchen.JPG (36741 bytes)

Fairy Kithchen

FairyTree.JPG (35769 bytes)

Can You See The Fairy ?

FairyLadder.JPG (35749 bytes)

Another Fairy Tree House

fairylanterns.JPG (10939 bytes)

Fairy Lantern Houses

Fairylanterns2.JPG (13069 bytes)

Night Time In The Enchanted Forest


Fairy Meadow Regularly Takes Part In Childrens Charity Events Like The CUH Childrens Club, And 96Fm Radiothon.

If You Recognize Fairy Meadow, It's No Surprise As Fairy Meadow Has Been Seen On RTE, TV3, TG4 And Many Of The National Newspapers. She Is Also A Favourite Of Brown Thomas In Cork For Their Childrens Promotions Plus The Cork Summer Show And Many Other Corporate Events.

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Simply Fairy™   Fairy Meadow™ and Wands and Wishes™ are trademarks of Christiana Hayes Mc Cool no unauthorised usage allowed.All images and text are also (C)copyright of Christiana Hayes McCool ( 2004)

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