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My Inspiration

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Simply Fairy and Fairy Meadow.

Simply Fairy is an idea that I have had ever since I was a child.I can remember sitting around my Grandma as she told us poems and tales of the fairies, that have been passed down since many years ago.I also loved seeing performers coming to our school or at festivals.I remember how all the children would look forward to seeing their plays and how we would often talk about them for days after.

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Over the years my interest continued,I performed with Artlines theatre group where we toured the high schools and performed a play about the Roman god's and about the creation of the seasons.I studied drama and it was also one of my main subjects at school.I then continued with theatre sports workshops and other drama courses.However I left the theatre for a while as I began my working career and travelled extensively.

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The idea of entertaining children especially for birthday parties and other events remained with me and whilst living in Ireland, I was lucky enough to be living in this beautiful valley which of course I have already described. Being beside an enchanting emerald forest where I could wander free and daydream in this beautiful land full of history myth and legend,stunning castles,fairy forts and so much more my imagination again came to life.

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It was whilst I was wandering through this beautiful old forest that I one day sat on the trunk of a fallen tree overlooking the valley and made a wish that one day I could delight children with all the stories of the fairies that had been passed down and which also were being inspired by this beautiful land that I was so lucky to be in.I wanted to create a world where they could be enchanted and let their imaginations grow. As I gazed at the beautiful meadows below, I chose my fairy name ,Fairy Meadow. The Simply Fairy parties are a special moment of their childhood where they get to have their very own fairy tale party with their friends.

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Their smiles, giggles and laughter is what the enjoyment of childhood is all about and I feel lucky to be able to entertain children on their very special day.

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signed Christiana Hayes McCool 2004










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