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Children's Magical Fairy Parties!

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"Welcome to the enchanting world of Simply Fairy, we hope you enjoy your visit."

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In an emerald forest growing  in a beautiful valley in old Ireland.There is a secret magical kingdom that only those who truly believe still have the ability to see.

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And if you want to find it ,then it was once told to me that it's:

" Down in the meadow where the old oak tree grows,

And the daffodils, all stand in a ring not  a row,

You'll see a castle, that stands high on a hill,

With the river that flows far down below.fairytree5.jpg (23558 bytes)

And when you see the nosy little robin, that flutters to and fro,

He will show you the way to go,

He will flutter over the hedgerows and fields,

Til he comes to the forest where he dives down very low,

To the little white gate, where he will lead you on the magic path,

That will show you the way , to the Secret Magic Kingdom."

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This is the place where some of the wee folk live. Fairies and Leprechauns, unicorns and more of the ones that we hear about in the old legends and tales. Some of these magical folk have travelled far from other lands and now they all eat, dance and sing together in the secret emerald forest.

And if you truly believe and you hear a quiet jingle and music being played softly on the wind, then you may just be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this magical land through the trees.

Fairy Meadow lives in the little stone cottage on the edge of the Enchanted Forest.

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And she loves parties, so every now and then she is invited into the human world, she will attend the birthday party of very special little girls and boys.

Fairy Meadow likes to help create enchantment sparkles and smiles, so everyone can have lots of fun and remember their special day in time to come.

So if you wish upon the first star after sunset, and ask your mum or dad very nicely,

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And if you truly believe in dreams,

Then you too may be a lucky one,

Who sees Fairy Meadow when she ventures out from the land between the trees,

And comes to your party and oh what fun it will truly be.

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Simply Fairy™ Fairy Meadow™ and Wands and Wishes™ are trademarks of Christiana Hayes Mc Cool no unauthorised usage allowed.All images and text are also ?copyright of Christiana Hayes McCool ( 2004)


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