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The Process

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Welcome to Heraldic Weavers.

Step One

You go to our online store click here if you would like to go their now or use the buttons to the left.You choose the product you want for instance a single family crest on a tapestry throw or two crests on a tapestry throw( very popular as wedding or anniversary gifts) .Or you may want to have a tapestry throw made with a photograph on one side and a crest on the other or just have your favorite photograph woven into a throw. Once you have decided you move on to step two.

Step two

If you are purchasing a tapestry throw with a family crest or with two crests or a photograph and a crest then you can choose from the five different designs ranging from very ornate to simple.You should indicate the design you want when at the online checkout. If you are just getting a photograph woven on it's own then you skip this as photographs are woven without any design round them unless with a crest.Please see the instructions for photographs below.**Please note if when we research your crest we find that the mantle of the crest, (which is the outside portion of a crest) is dark then the black frame won't be suitable. We want your tapestry to turn out absolutely stunning so in that instance we will email you your crest and ask you to choose one of the other four designs.
Please also check out our frequently asked questions section please click here.

Step three

The coat of arms is then meticulously digitized piece by  piece by us using state of the art software and powerful computer programs to transform  your coat of arms into a format that our computerized looms  can recognize.The tapestries are hand finished and everyone is a true work of art.Each tapestry throw is individually woven on a loom utilizing over eight miles of richly colored cotton yarn.The detail is truly amazing click below to get a larger view of some of the detail.
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Our tapestries are 100% jacquard woven cotton and are not printed.Your  tapestry throw will not fade even with repeated washing,we do suggest that you machine wash on gentle or hand wash and then tumble dry on low..You truly will have a new family heirloom to hand down from generation to generation. In approximately four weeks you will receive your beautiful new tapestry throw.At times you will receive your tapestry quicker but *at busier times you should allow at least six weeks for delivery.So please be aware of that if ordering one of our tapestries for a special occasion.

Step four (for people ordering a tapestry with a photo)

You will receive a receipt email from us which will give you the email address or physical address to send your photograph to. You can use any photo you like but the simple rule is the better the photograph is the better your tapestry will turn out.It must be less than 1.5 mb in size if being emailed.

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      Size :Any photo will work once it is at least 5x7 and also complies with the simple rules below.If taking a photo with a            digital camera make sure it is at least a one megapixel camera as otherwise the image will not be of high enough quality to use.

      Contrast : Your photo should have good contrast.A black dog on a black couch will not yield very    good results and could          end up being a bad tapestry.Equally so a white dog in snow will not work well either.If your main subject is brightly lit and       the background is somewhat darker then the results should be excellent.Please avoid dark shadows on the face or subject.

Focus: Make sure your subject is sharp,the better the focus the better your finished piece will be.                                                 

Colour : We can do black and white but as above and below the same rules apply as regards  brightness,focus etc          

      Composition : Keep it simple try to make sure your subject occupies 60 to 80% of the photo.It is not absolutely necessary   but again it will make for a better photo to use.You can use a few faces or objects but the more you try to fit in the less likely the fact it will turn out a good tapestry.

Copyright : No copyright photos accepted unless you have the copyright owners written permission.                                  


If you would like to shop now please click here.

Please also check out our frequently asked questions section please click here.

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