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SAG… Stunt Equipment & Training.


Stunt Equipment

Stunt Actors Guild Ireland has at its disposal a fully equipped stunt truck with the most innovative and up to date stunt equipment available. We have everything from actors pads to air cannons, flip ramps, pipe rams, wire flying jib arms and car rigs.

We also have a fully equipped fire tender and trained certified crew.


The Stunt Actors Guild prides itself in the ability to offer productions, an unequalled standard of highly trained specialists, who have a wealth of expertise in all aspects of stunt work and safety i.e. boxing, martial arts, skilled sword masters, scuba diving, precision driving, motor cycles, brawling fist fights, firearms, military maneuvers and techniques, fire safety and power boat handling. We have world renowned horse personnel with specially trained film horses and arenas.

Diving / Water

The Irish Seals Media Dive Team has set down the ultimate standard in all aspects of water safety above and below the surface. Under the supervision of our Master diver and his team of highly trained Commercial, Specialist Safety Divers. We can offer all the crew and equipment necessary for all weather, day or night shoots.

Armory / Military

Action Props Hire is a Film/TV & Theater armoury supply wing. APH have a large selection of practical, dummy and blank firing weapons and props for all action scenes. Their weapons technicians are highly trained and experienced professionals who specializes in all aspects of modern and historical arms. Their aim is to promote the safe use of weapons in the film industry and to train CAST in confident and realistic roles. They offer any production the complete package in the confident knowledge you are in very capable hands.

Stunt Actors Guild Ireland

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